Helping vulnerable communities on Hârtibaciului Valley


We are glad that we received a financing of 3,750 euros through The Emergency Fund initiated by the Bucharest Community Foundation together with ING Bank. The Emergency Fund was set up to help the needs of vulnerable communities and groups.

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The need

On the beautiful Hârtibaci Valley, the situation of vulnerable communities is extremely dangerous, due to the magnitude and complexity of the risks to the lives of children and their parents. Many people have no running water, no electricity, no infrastructure, surviving in the mud. Families are improvising their heating, with wood, in plastic foil huts or plywood. It’s sad, but true and this pandemic makes things harder for them. Unfortunately, they live their lives in makeshift homes, without access to water, gas or electricity, overcrowded and lacking the slightest idea of ​​hygiene. The precarious state of health exposes them, in an overwhelming proportion, to the massive infection with COVID-19.

The project

We aimed to cover the urgent needs of vulnerable people in 4 villages in Sibiu County (over 55 families) and two neighborhoods in Sibiu (25 families), being the areas most affected by the current context of the Covid-19 pandemic.
Target group: 80 vulnerable families (families in isolation, families isolated by the communities in which they live as a result of the discharge of some of their members who have been infected with the SARS Covid-19 virus, single-parent families, families whose resources have been halved or even reduced income due to the crisis generated by Covid-19, families with over 5 children, grandparents caring for grandchildren).

1 may 2020

The volunteers of the We Help association, together with Sorin Boica and Adi Boica, arrived with food and hygiene products at the families. We met from children who asked us if we had chocolate to old people who, with tears in their eyes, told us that no one was looking for them anymore. We started the day at 10 o’clock in the morning and got home at 8 o’clock. It was a full, hard but somewhat beautiful day.


  • Sibiu – 25 families
  • Nocrich – 10 families
  • Tichindeal – 10 families
  • Hosman – 15 families
  • Fofeldea – 9 families
  • Ocna Sibiului – 10 families
  • Rusciori – one family


Package contents 

Oil, sugar, white flour, canned food, bread, pasta, rice, corn flour, 10 kilos of potatoes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, soap, toilet paper, sanitary alcohol, sweets for the children

Copyright photos Gabriela Cuzepan

8 may 2020

It was again a long day for the whole team, about 12 hours of work.
During this period when the Coronavirus epidemic closed shops, pharmacies and banned people from leaving their homes, many families were effectively abandoned. There are souls who actually starve (children and the elderly), this is the cruel reality in Romania today!
We also had with us Mrs. Iacob Dana, a wonderful and involved woman, who helped us reach the families who needed help.


  • Sibiu – 15 families
  • Nocrich – 17 families
  • Tichindeal – 5 families
  • Hosman – 3 families
  • Fofeldea – 22 families
  • Ocna Sibiului – 10 families
  • Ghijasa de jos –  8 families

Package contents 

Oil, sugar, white flour, canned pate, bread, pasta, rice, corn flour, 5 kilos of detergent, plain water, bread-sticks, sweets for the children.