We help the school of Tichindeal!


The project was financed by “Fundaţia Comunitară Sibiu” through the funds raised at Sibiu International Marathon 2016. Its purpose was reached and 2 classrooms were thoroughly renovated and modernised. In these classrooms there are 56 children from Tichindeal village who are still learning and who are at risk of quitting school.

The need

We learned that 240 years ago, Tichindeal was the first village to have a school among the Hartibaciu Valley. Back then, the children were joyful and smiling, and now those classrooms are empty, soulless. The 2 classrooms where 56 children learn now are not an ideal standard, or better said, there is no standard at all. The poverty is extreme. The floor is simple ground soil, the candle is the only source of light and a chair replaces the table where the children should do their homeworks. 


In the first week we took care of the first classroom, and the next week the second classroom was handled, as well as the toilets. We promised to the kids that we will bring all the material which they will need to return back in September to school, such as: books, notebooks, drawings, toys and so on. 

Thanks to all of you who supported us at the International Marathon of Sibiu we have succeeded to rebuild these 2 classrooms.